Expert Advice, Guidance, and Insight from a Pediatrician Dad

David L. Hill, MD, FAAP is the chair of the AAP Council on Communications and Media, a member of the AAP Children, Adolescents, and Media Leadership Working Group, and a scientific advisory board member of the Institute of Digital Media and Child Development as well as a board member of the North Carolina Pediatric Society. An adjunct assistant professor of pediatrics at UNC School of Medicine, he served as the 2014 Media Visiting Professor at Duke University.

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Likelihood Ratio

Likelihood Ratio is a topical blog that Dr. Hill has created, bringing common sense and wit together about current state of Media & Pediatrics. Continuing from the roots of his book “Dad to Dad”, Dr. Hill writes from the unique perspective of Doctor/Dad to help readers navigate the sometimes murky and confusing waters of being a caregiver for a child.

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Speaking Engagements

In his funny and enlightening speaking presentations, Doctor Hill delivers a dose of energy, humor, and intelligence to the topics of child health and parenting. Dr. Hill has lectured nationally to diverse audiences on issues related to fatherhood, media and child health, and using traditional and social media for health education and practice promotion. An experienced humor writer and occasional stand-up comedian, Dr. Hill will leave you both thinking and laughing.

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