Dr. David Hill regularly speaks to professional and industry groups. The following is a list of his upcoming appearances.

Upcoming Appearances

When Trolls Attack – Defending your Practice from Social Media Assault


Office Practicum Users Conference, Orlando, FL
Doctors have recently found themselves subject to a new type of cyber-attack involving social media: groups who disagree with standard medical advice overwhelm their practice and person pages with vicious, often inaccurate reviews and comments. Attendees at the 2018 OP Users Conference will learn what they can do if their social media sites becomes the target of such an attack and what tools they have to fight back.

Previous Appearances

Infection Control In Schools

KidzCare Pediatrics Annual Leadership Conference, Charlotte, NC
Are children going to school when they should stay home due to illness? Missing school days for no reason? Dr. Hill talks to his colleagues about how and when kids should stay home from school and when they can go right back.

Turn After 2: Car Seat Safety for Infants and Toddlers


Chicago Baby Show, Chicago, IL
Many parents are confused about how soon they can turn their children forward-facing in their car seats, increasing the risk of serious injuries. Dr. Hill talks with parents about the safest ways to use car seats and introduces some new technology that makes it easier than ever for parents to follow AAP guidelines.

Media Training for Pediatricians

American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition, Chicago, IL
When a reporter calls, many doctors aren’t sure what to say or whether to even answer. Pediatrician, journalist, and author Dr. David Hill helps his colleagues feel comfortable with the media. Attendees will learn about messaging, what to say, and what not to do!

The Role of Fathers in Child Health

North Carolina Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Asheville, NC
A father can make all the difference in outcomes we care about the most: child mental health, early pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, and life success. Dr. Hill discusses the enormous public health impact that involved fathers can make in children’s lives.

Protecting Children from Screen Assault

Boy Scouts Youth Protection Seminar, Atlanta, GA
Every day seems to bring a new alarming headline about kids and screens. From sleep deprivation to “internet addiction” to sexting Dr. Hill teaches Boy Scout leaders how to counsel kids and families to make the most of their electronic media while staying as safe as possible.

Protecting Children from Screen Assault

WellStar Health System Pediatrics Retreat, Atlanta, GA
Increasingly parents are turning to pediatricians for advice on how to keep their kids safe from the worst effects of electronic media, from obesity to “screen addiction” to cyberbullying. Dr. Hill helps pediatricians learn to help parents quickly and efficiently to help their kids make the healthiest use of their “screen time.