Dr. David Hill regularly speaks to professional and industry groups. The following is a list of his upcoming appearances.

Upcoming Appearances

More to Be Announced Soon.

Dr David Hill Speaking in Asheville at North Carolina Pediatric Society 2017 Annual Meeting

Previous Appearances

Media Training for AAP E-cigarette Champions


American Academy of Pediatrics

Media Training for AAP Leaders


American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Leadership Forum

Hot Topics in Pediatrics


Nemours Health System, Orlando, FL

Dr. Hill educates pediatricians and pediatric providers on the health impacts of media for young children and teens. He also defends the use of GPS tracking devices for teenagers. What can we really say about screen media and child wellbeing? What can doctors and parents do right now that makes the most difference for kids?

Kids and Screens: What do we do now?


Tennessee Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting, Franklin Marriott Hotel, Franklin, TN

Dr. Hill returns to his home state of Tennessee to address the Tennessee chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics during their annual meeting. Every week seems to bring new and confusing headlines about electronic media and children: they’re good! They’re bad! They don’t matter! Dr. Hill cuts through the confusion to talk about what we can and should do now.

Teens and Social Media


The Hospitals of Providence 31st Annual Pediatric Symposium, Wyndham Airport Hotel, El Paso, TX

Dr. Hill visits his beloved Texas to talk to pediatric providers in El Paso about teens and social media. Having left Facebook for Instagram and Snapchat for Tik Tok, where are today’s teens online, and should we follow them there? What does it do to the adolescent brain to be immersed in a virtual world for hours a day?

“Screen Time” and the Developmental Implications on Children/Adolescents.


New Horizons in Pediatrics, Children’s Healthcare Atlanta

Social Media Technology and Child Health


International Pediatric Association Congress 2019

Mastering the Media: Tools for Effective Communication


American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Leadership Forum

Technology and Behavioral Health: The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown


Keynote, Tennessee Association of Mental Health Organizations Annual Conference

From Tweets to Soundbites: Media Training for Every Pediatrician


American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference and Exhibition

“Screen Time” and the Developmental Implications on Children/Adolescents.

Context Clues: Working Digital Literacy Into the Classroom


The Lovett School, Atlanta, GA

Avoiding the Battle Royale: Achieving Digital Peace in Less than a Fortnite


The Lovett School, Atlanta, GA

Becoming a Digital Dietitian: Helping Guide Your Child’s Media Consumption


The Lovett School, Atlanta, GA

Using Social Media to Market Your Practice


NYU Pediatric Dentistry Alumni Association Annual Dr. William R. Lynch Alumni Symposium
FOSI Briefs the Hill on Kids, ScreenTime, and “Tech Addiction.”


Family Online Safety Institute, Washington, DC

Proactively Manage Your Online Reputation


Office Practicum Users Conference, Orlando, FL
Doctors have recently found themselves subject to a new type of cyber-attack involving social media: groups who disagree with standard medical advice overwhelm their practice and person pages with vicious, often inaccurate reviews and comments. Attendees at the 2018 OP Users Conference will learn what they can do if their social media sites becomes the target of such an attack and what tools they have to fight back.

Be First, Be Right, Be Credible: The Role of Social Media in Crisis Communications


American Academy of Pediatrics Executive Directors’ Steering Committee
Mastering the Media: Tools for Effective Communications


American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Leadership Forum

The Role of Fathers in Child Health
North Carolina Public Health Association Annual Meeting, Asheville, NC
A father can make all the difference in outcomes we care about the most: child mental health, early pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, and life success. Dr. Hill discusses the enormous public health impact that involved fathers can make in children’s lives.
Protecting Children from Screen Assault
WellStar Health System Pediatrics Retreat, Atlanta, GA
Increasingly parents are turning to pediatricians for advice on how to keep their kids safe from the worst effects of electronic media, from obesity to “screen addiction” to cyberbullying. Dr. Hill helps pediatricians learn to help parents quickly and efficiently to help their kids make the healthiest use of their “screen time.