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Dr. David Hill Informs, Engages, and Entertains

Pediatrician Dr. David Hill Enlivens Audiences with his Speaking Engagements

Dr. Hill combines decades of experience as a professional journalist with world-class training in pediatric and adult medicine to bring clarity and humor to topics that can prove challenging to even the best-educated audiences. His experience as a medical leader, broadcaster, and humorist gives him a stage presence guaranteed to engage every member of the audience.
Dr. David Hill provides world-class education for professionals and community members.


Dr. Hill traces his comfort with public speaking back to middle school, when he was the voice of Snowden Junior High’s morning announcements. Since then he has honed his speaking style in his four years as president of his medical school class, ten years as a commentator on National Public Radio affiliates WUNC and WHQR, and three years as Program Director in charge of the AAP Council on Communications and Media’s academic offerings. Dr. Hill loves to entertain when he informs, and he has trained with Wilmington comedian Brooklyn Green and workshopped with Chicago’s Second City Theater to ensure that his talks are as entertaining as they are informative.

Kids and Media

In his time on the AAP Council on Communications and Media Dr. Hill has developed an expertise in the health effects of media on children and adolescents. He speaks nationally to parent groups, educators, and medical professionals on how to maximize the positive effects of media on children’s health and development while limiting the risks or media exposure.

Traditional and Social Media Training

Few medical professionals are comfortable addressing the news media or managing their own social media sites to improve public health and promote their practices. In both lectures and workshops, Dr. Hill trains his colleagues to use these powerful tools to educate the public about medical topics and to create an online presence that maximizes patient engagement with their practices.

Fatherhood and Parenting

Dr. Hill has been a working dad, a stay-at-home-dad, a married dad, a single dad, and a blended family dad. His first book, Dad to Dad: Parenting Like a Pro, draws on all of these experiences. As a speaker he brings expertise and humor to the mission of helping families unlock the potential of fatherhood in all its forms.

Child Development: Kids and their Smartphones

Should Children have Ground Rules with Mobile Devices?

Dr. David Hill regularly speaks on a variety of children’s health topics.  Here’s recent clip of him encouraging parents to teach their kids to use mobile phones wisely.

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