Dr. David Hill

Pediatrician, Communicator

Dr. Hill writes, edits, speaks, and broadcasts on every aspect of child health as a nationally recognized expert.

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Who is Dr. David Hill?

Dr. Hill uses his experience as a father, a pediatrician, and a communicator to promote child health and wellbeing.

Services Dr. David Hill Offers

Event speaking, writing, and editing are among the services Dr. Hill offers.

Observations from Dr. Hill

America’s Authority on Childhood Health & Development
David Hill is a father, an award-winning author, and a leading pediatrician.  As a recognized authority on Childhood Health and Development, he has served as an advisor to many child-focused organizations.

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Co-parenting Through Separation and Divorce

When is the last time your pre-teen or teen had a doctor visit?

If it’s a been a while, your child could be missing some important vaccines that will protect them as they enter adulthood. In this public service announcement from the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. David Hill  notes the importance of recommended vaccines for adolescents.