Dr. David Hill

Your Authority on Child Health

Dr. Hill is a national authority on Child Development.  He consults, speaks and writes on issues related to children’s health.

Dr. Hill participated in Hank Azaria’s documentary series Fatherhood.

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Who is Dr. David Hill?

Dr. Hill uses his experience as a father, a pediatrician, and a communicator to promote child health and wellbeing.

Services Dr. David Hill Offers

Event speaking, consulting, writing, and editing are among the services Dr. Hill offers.

Observations from Dr. Hill

America’s Authority on Childhood Health & Development
David Hill is a father, an award-winning author, and a leading pediatrician.  As a recognized authority on Childhood Health and Development, he has served as an advisor to many child-focused organizations.
Iron Gap*

Iron Gap*

As anyone who has ever watched a science fiction movie knows, even our best actions can have unintended consequences. The world of child health is rife with examples, such as how lifesaving antibiotics have led to the evolution of antibiotic-resistant infections....

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A very big, very small revolution in babies’ health

A very big, very small revolution in babies’ health

The fourth revolution, however, is just starting, and it has to do with how we interact with the trillions of microorganisms that live within us and help keep us healthy. It turns out that our bodies contain 3 times as many bacterial cells as human ones! These bacteria, along with fungi, viruses, and other types of microorganisms help digest our food, strengthen our immune systems, and compete with pathogens for space and nutrients. That’s why I was so excited to partner with Evivo to help parents understand how they are on the forefront of this revolution.
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Need Help Communicating Your Children’s Health Topic?

While some businesses use actors to portray doctors on TV, reputable organizations hire actual leading doctors. Dr. David Hill understands that some children’s products are better suited for positive childhood health than others. Dr. Hill only speaks on behalf of health products that he would provide to his own children. This video excerpt is from a Pediacare series with Dr. Hill.